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Quality has a name.

Cost effective copying machines for the professional production of small series of 3D models or panels in wood

WIVAMAC® manufactures quality, affordable and easy to use copying machines for producing short series of precise reproductions of sculptural and carving works.

Using the WIVAMAC® copying machines, exact copies or mirrored copies of existing masters or models may easily be made. The conversion of 2 ½ D relief panels to 3D images and models and vice versa takes just minutes without special tools.

The smallest machine, the KPB2545, is supplied for bench mounting.

The WIVAMAC® copying machines are distinguished by their vibration-free construction and a particularly precise movement of the carriage.


Special polished guide bars, linear ball bearings with dust seals and counterweights.

Makes the copying carriage extremely light to manoeuvre and virtually maintenance free.

Precision chain.

Rotates 3D models synchronously with the workpiece.

3D image copying or 2 1/2D relief copying.

The KPB machines can be converted between the 2 copying modes in a few minutes using simple tools.

Multiple axis movements.

Cutter and tracing stylus share common mounting with additional degree of freedom, enable difficult to reach locations to be machined.


The KPB carvers can create a vast range of items such as prototypes, production- and packaging components.

Twin model.

The TWIN model is equipped with 2 motors allowing 2 copies to be created simultaneously.

Mirror Copying.

The KPB+S models, allows mirrored copies of the original to be created (opposite hand), in addition to same-hand copies.